In many homes, the dining room is a focal point where families gather, homework is completed and friends are entertained. The pivotal point in any dining room is the dining room table and there are a myriad of accompanying pieces from which to choose that can coordinate with a variety of design styles including Scandinavian and mid century furniture Sydney.

Dining room tables

Considered by many to be formal furniture, traditional style dining tables feature ornate detailing, carvings and dark wood. They typically have legs that turn out rather than extending straight down. For people that prefer a more contemporary look, dining tables are available that feature elegant woods but they aren’t as elaborately ornamented.

Solid wood dining room tables are available in traditional, highly ornate and stylized forms, along with modern contemporary steel and glass. Consumers can choose from transitional styles that combine traditional and contemporary elements, country/rustic options featuring a distressed look, along with farmhouse, cottage and a myriad of other styles. Tables can be round, square, rectangle and oval.


Solid timber dining room chairs run the gamut from plain wood, plastic and steel to upholstered and leather styles. Selections encompass arm chairs, side chairs, and those with square or rounded backs. Modern contemporary dining room chairs typically have a streamlined look and are created with molded plastic, metal or bent wood.

China cabinet

For those that have the room, a china cabinet provides an elegant way to display fine china, but it’s equally appropriate for storing “everyday dishes” and frees up storage space in the kitchen. They’re available in narrow or wide styles.

A newer innovation on the china cabinet is the hutch that can serve the same purpose as a china cabinet. They’re available in an array of sizes, have glass doors for display, and storage space beneath.


Whether it’s called a credenza, scandi oak buffet, display cabinets and sideboard, this is a multi-functional piece of furniture. It provides a surface to place serving dishes and from which to serve food. It features ample storage space beneath for linens, silverware and a variety of dining-related accessories. When used in the dining room, it’s considered a buffet. The same piece is called a sideboard when utilized in living rooms.

Pick a Style

No matter what type of interior design an individual chooses, multiple selections within each category of dining room furniture are available to accommodate any preference and lifestyle; even when paired with Mid Century and scandi chairs online. The versatility of today’s dining room furnishings enables them to be combined in dozens of combinations to suit any taste; even if you prefer Scandi-style and mid century furniture Melbourne.